Friday, November 7, 2008

Nov 7

We had the option to fly straight to Nanning to pick up Isabella. Two main reasons we came to Beijing a few days early: 1) Allow our bodies to adjust, and 2) Bond with the other families in our group, who, by sharing this experience with us, will forever be part of our extended family. Objective two is right on track. Everyone has been wonderful. We come from all over the country, although I think we're the only ones West of the Mississippi. Objective #1...we'll, let just say I'm glad we have these few days because my body is not quite adjusted. The first night, we all woke up at 2 AM. Tonight (since the sun isn't up yet, I'm still considering this moment part of this night), I woke up a 3:15. Our facilitator says we'll wake up about one hour later each morning until we're fully adjusted.

Yesterday, we mostly lazed around. We had the group orientation to set our expectations for the trip. A few key nuggets: don't drink the water, drivers do not recognize that you have the right of way, soak in the culture, the babies WILL be afraid of you at first. We then set out for the supermarket. The most popular items purchased were bottled water, cup 'o noodles, and misc snacks.

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china said...

Oh! It looks like you are having a great time. So glad to hear that you made it there safely. Enjoy these few days in Beijing as you travel around and take in a few new sights. Luke looks like he is loving it so far! Blessings as you anticipate sweet won't be long now! We are thinking of you and praying that all the details fall right into place during your trip. Can't wait to see Isabella!
Dan and Lori