Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nov 15th

Shamian Island has a unique and interesting history. () Until recently, the US Consulate in Guangzhou was on the island. Any American families adopting from China would've stayed on the island at some point in their journey. A good part of the economy on the island is due to the continuing stream of adopting parents traveling through. Even though the US consulate has since been moved off the island, parents still stay on Shamian Island.

The White Swan Hotel was the first 5-star hotel in Guangzhou. It's an older hotel (smaller space) with excellent food/service. In the hotel is a play room sponsored by Mattel with toys/games for children. Each adopted child is greeted by a unique Barbie doll (Barbie holding black-haired baby). Most of the shops on the island sell baby clothes/supplies and touristy trinkets as much of our time on the island is spent waiting for the US visa for our children.

Our travel group continues to get along fabulously. We have great fun everytime we're together.

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