Saturday, October 18, 2008

Room Update

It's coming together! Here are the latest pictures. We still have to do some touch-ups and get some other pieces of furniture in. Because of the lighting, the colors of the crib look more washed out than they are.

Isabella's Updated Measurements

Earlier this week, we got an update from China. They took updated measurements of her the previous week, at 14 months:
Height: 72.5 cm. > 28.5 inches
Weight: 6.8kg > 15 lbs
Head: 42.5 cm. > 16.7 in
Chest: 42.5 cm. > 16.7 in
Foot: 11cm. > 4.3 in
Teeth: 6 > 6

She's very small for her age. Any prayer warriors out there, we could use some prayers! We're more anxious than ever to get there and have her in our arms (18 days before we leave and 23 days before we have her).

Monday, October 13, 2008

Consulate Appointment!

We got the call from Bethany, our adoption agency, today that our consulate appointment has been confirmed for 11/17. Since that's one of the last things we do during our two weeks in China, we'll likely be leaving around Nov 5th. We'll know for sure when the travel agency sends our itinerary. Based on that 11/17 appt, we should be back home around 11/19, in plenty of time to celebrate Thanksgiving. Rather appropriate, wouldn't you say?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Life, Death, and Life Again

Peggy's Aunt Becky was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in November 2006. After overcoming odds and the original prognosis to live for a couple more years, she succumbed to the cancer on September 28th. We were down in LA for a baby shower for Isabella when it happened. So while we celebrated the arrival of one person in our family, we struggle to come to terms with the loss of another.

Many people have flown in to support Aunt Becky's children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Throughout the day yesterday, we heard stories from the life of Aunt Becky. She was a great woman and leaves an invaluable legacy. Two themes tied many of the stories together: family and charity. It never ceases to amaze me to witness the strength of the ties in the Barela family (Peg's mom's side of the family). Although the family is scattered throughout the US (Alaska, NJ, Colorado, Tennessee, and California), people gather for all of the momentous events. This time was no exception. Hearing from Aunt Becky's children and grandchildren, Aunt Becky's admonitions on the importance of family will not be lost. We believe she hung on in her final days in the hope of seeing her 4th great-grandchild, Ava Grace, which she did just days before her "homecoming." Many also shared how they've been touched by Aunt Becky's selfless, giving nature.

Times of loss remind us to treasure and value our loved ones as much as and while we can. Let us not wait until eulogies to hear all the wonderful things they've done and the lives they've touched. We hope and pray that we will pass Aunt Becky's legacy onto Luke and Isabella.

Rebecca Moore
Feb 2, 1927 - Sep 28, 2008