Friday, November 14, 2008

Nov 14

Friday the 14th was our last day in Bella's province. We got all of the paperwork (birth certificate, adoption certificate, Chinese passport).

Before we left, our guide took us for a tour of the "Ethnic Village". China was originally a bunch of minority tribes/ethnicities. Each Dynasty in Chinese came about as one minority took over control of the country. Today, the Han are the majority and ruling ethnicity. The population of Bella's province is composed of about 40 minorities. The Zhuang comprise 60% of the population so it's probable that Bella is at least part Zhuang. The Ethnic Village we visit had replica buildings of different minorities.

Our flight left Nanning at about 6:30 and arrived in Guangzhou in an hour. While tired, we were all very excited for the last leg of our trip. Bella did very well on the plane. She cried a couple of times but no major incidents.

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