Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nov 11th

When we first get Isabella, it's actually on a probationary basis. The next day, we have to sign and process some paperwork to make her legally and officially hours. By noon on Tuesday, 11/11, Bella is legally part of our family.

It's amazing how much progress we'd made within 20 hours. We could easily tease a smile out of her, which is especially amazing since she has a cold/fever and is teething. She slept through the night. When she woke up, she played by herself quietly. She trusts her mommy and daddy to help her walk. She plays easily with her older brother.

Bella is behind in her physical development. Not only is she small for her age, but she also lacks certain motor skills. She cannot walk without help. She cannot seem to pull herself to a standing position. We've yet to see her crawl. Even when she's sitting, she needs support to stay upright. However, she seems alert, curious and intelligent. We believe that she'll thrive once she has the support and opportunity. We've heard of other cases where children were unable to walk when adopted and, within weeks, were on track developmentally. We would appreciate your continued prayers.


geminirn said...

She is adorable..CONGRATULATIONS!what a beautiful family of four you make.

Not to worry,we received our Guigang beauty in March at 14 months she only weighed in at 14lbs 4oz.she was the most petite little thing only wearing 6-9 month clothing and only on day three we discovered that she could crawl,she could pick up a cheerio and bring it up to her mouth however did not know how to release it into her mouth.by 18 months she was not only walking and running she climbed EVERYTHING!!!Now at 22 months she weighs in at 19lbs.6oz.and 31inches in height,she no longer has noodles for legs and arms...lol!she is very healthy....she just is petite just as your little one is.....you are right to say when you get her home on some solid food she will grow in leaps and bounds.Enjoy the rest of your stay in Nanning we LOVE it and still miss it very much.Congratulations once again from Canada

Lin Family said...

Thanks so much for sharing yours and your daughter's experience. It's more comforting than you know to have some confirmation of what we'd dared to hope. Did you ever test for/find any intestinal (parasites, etc.) problems?